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We join technology

With people

We are a Company founded in 2008, we are dedicated to the sale, distribution and implementation of business software solutions, ERP and CRM, specialized in the Microsoft Dynamics and RPS Software line.

Deliver software solutions and applications for the optimization of business processes in order to provide strategic information to decision makers within organizations.
Empower decision makers, through technology, so that they maintain control of their business and be at the forefront in a world where competition and technological growth is constant.

We solve your projects needs

At Axentit we want to join forces with your organization to help you get where you’ve never been. We believe that the strength of the team exists in each member, for this reason we offer you our ideal association and staff services for the needs of the Organization.

We understand the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions, so we drive the use/adoption of Azure with our customers by providing them with Microsoft managed solutions and services from a combination of their own data centers and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

We have this competency because we have been able to demonstrate the caliber of our Company in developing and implementing Dynamics solutions for enterprise resource planning


We specialize in enterprise implementations of Microsoft 365. We are a proven cloud solution provider for customers looking for cloud solution partners. We dominate training in Microsoft technologies.

The Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency helps you build your brand as a partner specializing in selling and implementing Office 365 or Dynamics 365 solutions for small and midsize businesses.

These are our competencies