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Business Ready

With this program our goal is to provide and make available to organizations the #1 work platform, most used in the world and improved to empower employees by allowing them to collaborate and work remotely with the highest security standards that Microsoft has put on their products.

We start the countdown! We help you successfully launch the digital transformation initiative and with our advice we help you identify the type of Microsoft 365 licensing that best suits your company depending on the line of business and the number of collaborators that will participate in this program, we have made it possible this first stage in organizations from different sectors in which the following stand out:

– Supply chain

– Manufacturing

– Professional services

– Education

Business Setting UP

Program aimed at offering different options for technological growth and business intelligence, we commit to you to fulfill the mission of controlling and measuring the information that is generated daily with the normal operation of the company, we identify the main needs of the management team and users key and based on this we present you the platform that can meet and is best suited to what you are looking for.

Engine firing is powerful and we’re going full throttle! We have identified 2 Business Applications take-off stages for your organization:

– Internal Management Stage: It refers to the objectives that the company has to control the control processes and information that is generated internally, for this we have:


Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

RPS Software for Manufacturing Companies

– External Management Stage: Refers to the company’s objectives to generate business opportunities, build customer loyalty, monitor marketing campaigns, recruit staff and offer a quality customer service and support program. for this we have:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Business Evolution

The objective of this program is to strengthen the organization by adding functionality and integrating tools that add value to the business, once we have firmly anchored ourselves to the platforms we use and have fully exploited them, the next step is to create a modular environment, comfortable and perfectly connected as is the International Space Station.

The limit is the sky! Growth and innovation is a dynamic process and is in constant movement, we know it, we have verified it and that is why we have these options at your disposal that can be integrated very well with the platforms or processes that you already have inside of the company.

– Monitoring of KPI’s and everything that happens with Power BI

– Build apps with very little code in Power Apps

– Simplify processes, increase productivity with the help of Power Automate

– Decrease response times easily by adding Power Virtual Agent

– Promotes the innovation of applications through a specific Development Project

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Find in our high-quality service the profile of the person you are looking for with plans that adapt to your projects.

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You choose how to invest the budget so that it adapts to the development rhythm of your Projects.

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