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Power BC

Standard and agile Business Central

implementation out of the box

A unified and flexible software tool

Power BC brings together all the experience of Axentit’s sales team with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is the unified and flexible software tool in the cloud.


Thus managing to connect people and processes in a single and intelligent platform. business, turning information into powerful knowledge, for agile decision making.

Power BC to go further

It is designed for those companies that want a rapid deployment of a robust and intelligent business platform that allows them to have control of business operations in a short time to generate greater growth opportunities.

Power BC is the ALL in ONE system, ERP, CRM, BI and BPM, all in one place with the most agile and intelligent ERP for SMEs.

  • Accurate visibility of your Financial Data

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights and account-by-account reconciliations that cause wear and tear on your entire team, use charts to show real-time financial performance and make more accurate forecasts while maintaining compliance and security measures.

  • More sales and better Customer Service

    Have a complete vision of the life cycle of your

    prospects and clients, keep the commercial

    areas connected! Whether or not you have a

    marketing area, you will be able to easily

    detect sales opportunities, manage the entire

    sales process and offer an incredible service

    with a complete view of your customers'

    preferences and the operation of your service.

  • Projects On Time and within Budget

    Assign resources, plan and monitor all projects

    with real-time indicators of resources,

    profitability, tasks and progress regardless of

    the size of the projects and the time it takes to

    complete them; thus the allocation of

    resources, you will do it in an intelligent way.


    Axentit’s ERP and CRM specialists have listened to and understood the operational needs that Companies seek to satisfy in the main sectors, thus we have developed mechanisms/strategies and best practice templates that really work and that we adapt specifically for each client.

    9 sessions deployment

    Sell more

    Have your products on time

    Bill fast

    Collect better

    Analyze your operations

    Get data security in the Microsoft Cloud

    Focus on the business, we on platform support

    We do not give you more problems but solutions. With Axentit you have the specialized team that solves platform incidents, where we already include the backup and recovery service in eventualities so that you and your team dedicate themselves to the operation.

    The fastest implementation on the market

    We take care of having the platform ready, security and data migration to give you the fastest implementation in the market. We implement for you while your company continues the operation.

    Constant training to improve your work team

    We give you access to the Axentit client portal where you will have training materials available for you and your work team. You can consult them whenever you want, as many times as necessary and advance at the pace you want.

    The #1 tool that companies look for to control their operation

    Rest assured that you have the best tool to have a vision of your business, incorporating the best technology for SMB’s with full support of the most widely used platform in the market worldwide. There are 142,000 companies that have grown with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. When do you want to start?

    You have the best strategic ally for your SMB

    You have the expertise of the Axentit certified team, with more than 12 years of experience in implementing business solutions, professionals with a strategic vision to detect areas of opportunity and the best solutions to develop your processes and the best functioning of your company. We also develop updates and give you best practices in the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, which we make available to you, all at no extra cost.