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find the ideal people for the needs of your organization

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress

At Axentit we want to join forces with your organization to help you get where you’ve never been. We believe that the strength of the team exists in each member, for this reason we offer you our services and ideal staff for the needs of the organization.

We are experts in Dynamics GP implementations

Solve your projects with a new work Team.

Build your own special team, as you gain unfettered access to top talent for implementation and/or development of leading Microsoft business solutions. Let Axentit provide you with all the back-end support you need to carry out your projects or enter new markets, while we work hand in hand with your operations team.

Expand the commercial offer of your company to expand your Business by hiring talent within the United States or from abroad. No matter the size of the team, the duration of the project or the type of industry you are exploring, with Axentit, grow your business and open new markets!

Get a team that works remotely without worries, so you can offer your services and provide punctual solutions to get projects up and running immediately. Easily collaborate with us to complete the team you’re looking for with star players, while maintaining overall supervision and control of your projects. just tell us the type of profile you need and we will place the right resource for you!

Power BC

We carry out the implementation of the Microsoft 365 Business Central ERP solution in the fastest way that exists, in just 9 work sessions. At the end you get a business management tool, collaboration of first level for your company that complies with all security standards, which is easy to access from anywhere and very simple to use for all your users.

Learn more about this great growth opportunity we have for your company.


We put at your disposal a complete staff of experienced talent with specific profiles in different areas of the Digital Transformation of organizations. We have staff to fulfill specific or complex tasks such as:

- Gathering of requirements or Discovery.

- Implementation of ERP and/or CRM solutions from the Microsoft Dynamics line.

- Consulting for optimization of processes and projects.

- Application development in different programming languages Dexterity, .NET, Visual Studio, Java, C++.

- Get to know our programs to learn about the technologies in which our work team has experience.

Business Applications

We provide licensing, implementation and support services for Microsoft tools that allow an organization to make the most of its data in order to control, measure and plan the return on investment, emphasizing the productivity and profitability of the business and staff. . We have 12 years of experience to know that a company, in order to achieve its objectives, must have information available at all times in an integrated ecosystem, must have internal management systems, tools that strengthen its relationship with customers and desktop applications and infrastructure that allow collaboration and secure information storage.

Find here the solution you are looking for to create a comprehensive and secure ecosystem.

Reduce costs

We have the "on Budget" solution that you do need. Talk to our advisors and discover the best solution for your projects.

Full-site – Tailor-made services

Software, qualified team, consulting, maintenance, we have the best IT solutions for you to successfully complete your projects.

Talent on demand

We have a team of certified consultants with years of experience in implementing large projects to help you meet your requirements, with all the advantages of remote work and accompanied by project leaders who support the actions required by your objectives.

Compliance expertise

In addition to Professionals, the members of our team become Consultants for all your projects, so you have the best elements to join your work teams to solve all your projects.

Find the solution you are looking for

With Axentit's operational support, you will be able to focus on strategic tasks, streamlining processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Contact us!

Become Partner

At Axentit we form strategic alliances with important companies to form a powerful team that allows us to unleash the maximum potential of your solutions to deliver products and services with the optimum and expected level that you need.

Our Value Proposal

We provide you with high performance teams, with highly trained talent and we adapt it to the requirements of your Projects at the best cost-benefit.

On time

You get answers quickly. It has specialized support. You get your projects within the specified time and form. You work with a Certified Partner in CRM. We operate with Senior and Junior Consultants. We provide personalized attention. You gain an immediate Support team. You get access to the user portal. There is a person who listens to me and from there they send me to pick up tickets.

We adapt to the status of your project Reduces the time in the operational process.

On budget

Annual subscription plan with monthly payment and accounts with all the functionalities of the platform. Business Ignite Support Plan. Prices adapted to Mexican currency.

On spect

You will work with the AXENTIT methodology. Real plans adapted to the state of your project. We accompany you with Consulting where we will detect areas of opportunity and improvement for your Company and Projects. The projects are transparent and without surprise charges. We are your ally that you can trust. We make a reliable project diagnosis to give you only the best solutions.


The success of your Projects is our priority.

At Axentit we offer you the best solutions with the best Microsoft tools with a team of trained and certified professionals to achieve the results you are looking for. Make workflow and generate more confidence in your clients.

Launch / Business Ready

Microsoft 365 and more plans

Blast / Business Setting Up

Business Apps

Hookup / Business Evolution

Power Platform and Development

“Entregamos diferentes partes de la Compañía como un complejo rompecabezas que el equipo de Axentit se encargó de ensamblar y dar sentido para tener una mejor rentabilidad en nuestra operación.”

Edgar Medrano Coordinador de TI de MAKYMAT

“Con el uso de Business Central tomo ventaja de la información histórica para mejorar las proyecciones y las decisiones diarias que me generan mayor posibilidad de abrir nuevos negocios.”

Alberto Franyuti Dueño de CONVOY

”La adopción de las plataformas únicas y de primer nivel dentro de la organización impulsaron que todo el personal tenga un pensamiento estratégico y saquen el máximo provecho a las tecnologías de Información.”

Mtro. Ignacio Román Contralor de Agroquímica Tridente